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Palate Builder - A 90 Min. Short Course and Series


This short course and series is part led discussion, and part blind tasting. Through interactive discussions, component identification and structured blind tastings, you're palate will advance considerably. 

The courses are casual, hands on and community driven, but limited to just 12 people per offering. Each course in the series will feature 9 wines and last 90 minutes. You're guaranteed to meet some really cool people, taste some wines from off the beaten path and become a better taster.
Each course is hosted by Daniel Kelada, Master Candidate and Senior Wine Instructor.
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If you are familiar with the Monthly Blind tastings Daniel hosted at Barley Swine from 2011 to 2014, you will love this series. It builds on the blind tasting approach and discussion used in that series, but with further insight into regional and stylistic character of each wine featured.
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